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Looking for Pontillo/ Cipolla facts...facts....facts!


Please read the newest post sent to me for "Pontillo" to
read and respond to.  This man is in agreement with the
rest of us...Pontillo is anti women, anti truth, anti faith, and
anti Catholic.  After months and months of investigation, it has been found that Pontillo is actually a moron, who posts things
he reads online and claims them as his own.  That's plagerism.
Not skill or talent.

Please read what this writer has to say about Pontillo.
A message for Pontillo ,the publisher of a hate filled blog based on half baked facts he never chose to investigate deep enough.

I found this below to be written by a truly Godly man unlike Pontillo who professes Faith while his actions and words as described and recorded in print are diametrically opposed  to everything that would be considered a display of "normal moral outrage" to any thinking Christian.
Pontillo fails to recognize that by initiating online attacks on the mother of two children who were abused by his now deceased sodomite pederast friend, elicited a normal maternal response despite  almost forty decades passing of time. He projects a profound ignorance of maternal feminine mind and heart.inhis blogs.
Perhaps that is because Mr Pontillo has never married or had children of his own?
Or maybe there is something deeper that even put off even an Australian woman who traveled here thinking she may have found her Mr Right online?
How very sad .
He writes very descriptively as if he is so taken with his own physique, mental prowess and ability to take a photograph , that the reader is left to wonder just how hollow his heart really is.
He boasts of being a real man yet he attacks women throughout his hate filled writings while labeling these women as "bullies".
Pontillo since you admit to reading responses to your posts here on this site, maybe you might glean an ounce of wisdom from a real man's post below when writing about the nature our Beloved God. 
Pontillo , soon you will be a sixty years old man ! in fact you are considered a senior now !
Why have you wasted your life on self absorption and hate? 
Posting pictures of nature is not enough to understand the nature of God or humans , both man and woman He created .

"The point would be that we are saved by love, not by logic. Not in our heads, as you said, (" fact checked liars") but in our hearts. For some reason, He seems to prefer it that way. What is the point of “virtue” if there is no objective standard for it? Or for “obedience” if there were not something (actually, Someone) to whom to be obedient? We don’t have to wonder about them, they are laid out for us.
(BTW, when I fell in love with my wife, it wasn’t because I totted up a ledger and she came out on the plus side. It was because she made me happy and I wanted to make her happy.)
The mutual communication is that God stirs our hearts to seek Him, and then rewards the searching with faith. If you have found that process problematic, let me suggest that the route is via openness and submission, not intellectual curiosity. He doesn’t care about satisfying your intellect, hard as that may seem to accept. Otherwise, how could Down syndrome people come to Him? And yet they do…."


This is posted on my site to reach Patrick A Pontillo
from a frustrated reader who can't seem to reach you for comment...thru your disturbing Blogs.

From a reader who always seeks the truth in what people write online.......
Mrs Mangum , I found this a  particularly disingenuous piece of trash posted on one of the Patrick  Pontillo blog sites.
"Of course, I call Diane Thompson "a proven liar,"  and she never contacted
me individually or through an attorney.   You know, if you call me a liar, I'll
get into action against the first free moment I have.  If I am lying about Diane
Thompson, then why isn't she in my face outraged and venting, demanding
that I make editor corrections?  Would it be because she knows that she has
been lying all along?  Or did I somehow get her story all wrong?   Once the
fact-checking on her "newspaper testimony commenced, her case fell apart
completely.  There is no soundness in the testimony attributed to her.  I've
already covered her outright lies in print."
This blog owner did contact you Pontillo ! She emailed you and even posted her phone number giving you every opportunity to correct your libel and detraction against her and her family..
".  If I am lying about Diane Thompson, then why isn't she in my face outraged and venting, demanding
that I make editor corrections?  "
She has been , as have Cipolla's relatives and others through her blog since you have no "Comment" section available on your trashy blogs You are reading them here because you label this "harassment" despite the fact hat you initiated a blog  calling her a "LIAR", regarding the crimes of your dead pederast defrocked friend.
Get some clinical help yourself buddy because you obviously are one sick dude.


In answer to your query Pontillo/Cipolla...Author Of Lies

Your first impulse (your OCD) has been to call me a liar since back in 2009...and today you say "if"????  Really Pontillo??

You never listened or gave us a second of consideration...that just possibly I was telling you
the truth.

"You" began by calling me a "begging dog" back in 2012 and accused me of making my sons tell lies on Cipolla. I didn't know who you were, but when I emailed you to stop, you did, that time.
May of 2015 is a different story, you cursed me and said I was an unmarried slut with 4 kids from different fathers, a welfare fraud and a parasite  who tried to get money from Cipolla.  I got an email
with your site mentioned, and the fact you were slandering us online.  Just Google
the email said.  (wuerlgate, donaldwuerl, awuerlofhurt and many more)  All products of Pontillo's and
Cipolla's madness.

You Mr Pontillo are a fake and a liar.  You just go ahead and believe what you want...believe Cipolla.  I may be a 70 year old Hag to you but I have loved ones and a family who loves me and I don't want any of them to stumble onto your blasphemous blog accidently, while Googling and read those horrible lies about their grandma.
Cipolla/Pontillo you two can't even spell TRUTH.
Just remove my name and my children's names from your "reeking" blog.

And furthermore Pontillo, I don't care if you keep till Hell freezes over.  We just don't want to be in it...lies or no lies.

06-07-16   Parody?

Welcome...My site is also a counterweight, against deliberate disinformation, and the wholesale slaughter of the truth by two manipulative liars whose names are...Patrick A Pontillo and Anthony J Cipolla.  

My objective on my blog is to try to warn the populace of their treachery.  They are self serving manipulators who, ( like the common leech or mosquito,) are looking for hosts to live/feed on, like a common parasite. 
I would bet, the donations they receive for their concocted plight would surprise you.  People tend to be generous to a sad story line.  That is what motivates Cipolla/Pontillo to lie.  I am just a simple catalyst in righting wrongs by lying bullies.  That is why I say don't believe Pontillo or Cipolla...when you listen to them or defend become an unwitting helping Cipolla/Pontillo to achieve their ambitions.  
Just remember I warned you.  He may be "A Hero" where you live but here they are both... Losers! Child Abuser!! and a Child Abuser Champion Supporter!!!
                                    And Secondly...THEY ARE (Disgusting) LIARS!!!!!


Pontillo/Cipolla....STOP YOUR LIES AND ALLEGATIONS Pontillo!!!  "Please"......!!!!!

What gives you the right to slander us Pontillo/Cipolla.   Only 'you' know why.

If you are not Cipolla...then why in hell would you pick up his Banner and defend  
him, he's a Pedophile?  Are you also a disgraced priest who got you sympathise with 
him???  Cipolla must have hypnotized you Pontillo...if you are not Cipolla.    
Come on Pontillo, help me figure this out.  Give me one solid, irreproachable,
reason why you picked my family to...Talk Trash  Playing with people's lives
by telling lies and running down their reputations is  heartless. 

We didn't do that to Cipolla, he was guilty as sin and he lied his butt off to save (what?) ?face? 
that face...?
Cipolla wasn't set up...he wasn't co-erced...he was a covert predator.  A low down sneak.  He prowled for anybody listening??  He still tutors kids...he and Pontillo are trying to gain more access to them by convincing people he's innocent.

I'll bet Pontillo/Cipolla doesn't enjoy criticism or smart retorts anymore than I do yet you persist, so...I persist.  
If you only stopped spreading lies about my family, we wouldn't be here today.  I won't stop until you print a retraction, stop the lies about my family or I die...  I will defend my family from them for as long as it takes.


With the release of "Spotlight", how do you dare protest your innocence?  You are one of the
forefathers of the pedophile movement that cut at the very fabric of The Roman Catholic Church.,
The expungement didn't exonerate you from your hid your guilt...and gave you another chance at life.  So what did you do?  3+ years later?  or before that even?
You relapse to your old MO  (mod us operandi)  Priest's Cassock and The Collar and serial pedophilia.  People are "hip" to you now.  There may be a few you've got bamboozled Cipolla
but not enough for your petition for Beatification...5 years after you pass.  (No Soup For You)!
No Saint Cipollapio...

These are my responses to the lies being blogged against my family, for trying to stop Father Anthony J Cipolla 37 years ago.

Cipolla/Pontillo began this bombardment blog as far as I'm aware,in 2009-12.   That left me to try to get the truth out, if only to debunk his lies.  I have asked him to stop so many times.  He uses the blog, the and the and many others to garner sympathy for an old Pedophile Priest.  A strange duo to be sure.

At one point his blogs were absolutely full of lies and crazy claims about us.   He's cleaned it up a bit but the lies are still there, containing just as many slurs and abominations.  
Why start on us now after 37 years Cipolla/Pontillo???  Is your mortality beginning to wane?  So like any coward, misery loves company.  You want to punish us for your stupid, selfish mistakes.  Or maybe push us over the edge...till one of us reacts.  


Cipolla/Pontillo...addressing your blog of 12-30-15.  "Rrrraazzzzzzzzz-berries!!!!"
Cipolla, if you are well enough to sit at a computer all day and write Vicious Crazy blogs,
you don't sound that infirm to me.  Quit your bellyaching!!!   "You", Messed Up! Own It!!!
Let the survivors get over it too.

My reason for blogging is to get some kind of input on why Patrick A Pontillo of Pittsburgh continues to impugn us.  He says he has thousands of followers that read the crude words he writes and I would like him to stop dragging my family through his twisted fantasy world.        
What if my grandchildren  happen on these articles?  I asked him to omit me and my children from the drama series that he perpetrates online and wherever else he can find an audience.  (I hope he will stop.)
Father Anthony Cipolla is behind it all, he is crafty and vicious and I know from reading the "Quotes" of Patrick A Pontillo and my personal experience, that Anthony J Cipolla is still a liar and a player. He should stop his crusade to What??  Be Sanctified??  He appears to want to be declared a Saint like Pio.    Cipolla rebelled against his better judgement, his ethics, his training, his morals, his vows, his superiors and the     He got "fired"....what did he expect???
This all began and ended years ago.  So why the "Patrick A Pontillo" assaults now???

Oct. 10, 2015

Maybe Pontillo is Anthony Cipolla's relative or better yet.....Cipolla himself.?????  It's all too say the least.
If Cipolla changed his name because he butchered his own, that would help to explain Pontillo's assaults on me and my family.  (Sour Grapes)
If he's not Cipolla, then who the heck is he?  He claims he's an Entrepreneur, but he proved he files his lawsuits,( in pauper-is ).  To do that you have to claim to be a pauper...meaning poor and destitute.  I wonder if he solicits donations??  It's fraud to file suit in pauper-is if you are not indeed "too poor to pay."  Where does he get the $10,000 dollars he attests that he gave to a woman whose business was destroyed by George Bush...and the $1000 dollars he gave to the dishwasher and other things he wants credit for if he's a pauper??  The IRS might need to take a hard look at this fellow.   Something is fishy!!  Is he is or is he isn't?  He bragged two days ago that he had a hard fought for
disability case that he won...then he bragged what a tough Construction worker he still is.  Tell me now...
who the heck are you?  A tough Construction worker or Disabled?  Are you collecting a Disability Check?  You say you still work construction...does Uncle Sam know?  The way you twist your words, it's confusing.  You really should proofread your avoid all your contradictions which shoot down your credibility.  You are quite irrational at times. have singlehandedly stigmatized your own name and reputation by being a corrupted and damning presence.  Get a grip....leave us alone, drop our names and all the lies you have posted and just leave us in peace.  You can keep your other lies flowing...we don't give a damn, some one else will call your bluff on those lies, eventually.  You are throwing yourself under a bus for Cipolla.
This leads me to ask....are you really Cipolla in drag or is he, you?...or WTF?????
Are you an x-priest like Cipolla with a bone to pick?  Is the Church picking on you too?  Grow up!!
The Church just can't allow rogue priests to corrupt the morals and teachings of our Blessed Church's
children, nor their parishioners.  Cipolla had to be Banned.  It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the entire bushel.  Is that what you are Pontillo/Cipolla?  A rotten apple?


I took the time to check Pontillo's blogs to see if he finally stopped ranting and raving about my poor family and me.  It's all still there but not as prevalent as the last few months.  The lies are unfortunately still there, accessible with a click on the mouse.  I'm so disappointed.


Dear Diary...he won't stop.  BTW...Happy Veterans Day coming up.


Well folks, Pontillo keeps telling lies about me..but I think I've put enough out there myself to defend myself with the actual facts.  Some people will still believe Pontillo and Cipolla, but They're just gullible and don't know any better.  They were poisoned by Pontillo's venomous pen strokes and Cipolla's fluidity with lies.


This is a note for Pontillo/Cipolla.  Now that Mr Bendig has permission to discuss the Cipolla case, I'll bet Doug Yauger might be the man you need to talk to about the so called "missing Depositions phenom" you have just claimed in your 1-30-16  Wuerl rants.  You know as well as I do, Bishop Wuerl took them to The Vatican, so The Apostolic Signatura (the highest judicial authority in The Catholic Church)  would have proof positive, to reverse its own decision.  Especially after Cipolla lied under oath.  He claimed he was innocent, unjustly accused, he stated that "all he did was give a young boy a catechism examination at the rectory"
Cipolla claimed I falsely assumed it was a physical examination and made a fuss.  Conte blew it off as unimportant, Bendig hadn't really sued yet and I hadn't met Bishop Wuerl as yet.        
Somehow Cipolla convinced Conte to present his story to the Vatican Court.  Conte was a great attorney...he believed his client was innocent and went to Rome and Won.  It's too bad that Cipolla
made a fool of Mr Conte by filling his head with lies.  I'm sure that was an embarrassment to Mr Conte when he realized he'd been had by Cipolla...a guy he tried to help. It had to be a shock when The Signatura overturned that decision which Conte worked so hard on.  All that waste of time and money, to be undone by more of  Cipolla's lies.


Please tell me how a man can work a job running a backhoe and be online almost 24/7.  I think Cipolla got sloppy and now he/Pontillo is trying to clean up his act a bit...but they insist on pressing
on with those Lies about us.  I've noticed he's moving his works.  They are works, they take a lot of time and be the quality of  a Patrick A Pontillo blog.  I have to hand it to him.  He writes really great fiction.  It reminds me of "Angels and Demons," it's that good...but it's all fiction.
It's contrived: for the amusement of others and himself and Hits.  He's a professional blogger...and
I'll bet he makes good money doing it.  I had no idea blogging payed so well.
I have my "great grandma" life going and it's filled with grandchildren.  It takes an enormous amount of time to work the amount of blogs Pontillo has.  You would gasp if you knew how many he owns and keeps current.  He "Pimps" out other people's lives.  He picks a subject and tweaks it until he has
made the original subject almost unrecognizable.

I don't have the time to spend online that Cipolla/Pontillo does.  I have to wait for a turn. My grandsons use my computer for gaming, because of the 32" screen.
Please excuse me if I repeat myself in my blogs...when I feel stressed I tend to repeat myself or expound on old topics.  As I said before, I have no writing experience or skills and I apologize.


We just returned from a cruise to Mexico and the ship was fantastic.  It's like a city inside and
there was so much to see and do.  The food was fantastic...and the staff treat you like royalty.
Royal Caribbean does it with Class.  The other passengers were friendly and pleasant too, so it made the trip twice as nice.  I've been to Mexico before, but I didn't get off the ship in Cozumel.  I didn't want to run into any of those Zika Virus Mosquitoes. I got my passport to go on this trip, but Zika
put a halt to "Excursions"  I wanted to see some of the Mayan Ruins but health first.  I'm 70 years
old, how do I know if my system could fight off the Zika Virus?
I just wanted to share something pleasant for a change.



Friday, September 9, 2016

Pontillo lies exposed "Integer Article Lives On"

09-11-16       A reader of this blog just e-mailed me this little Tid Bit.....
  In 2011 a friend recommended I post a research article Pontillo's blog. I was told he was searching for things to make his blog site get more "hits".
When he posted it , he included a heavily edited introduction of his own creation.
After he posted the piece on this site , I was appalled to read the comments.
  Pontillo's BLOG was  described as "cheesy" complete with "spelling and grammatical errors".
Several readers called me directly because they knew the original was a heavily sourced and  informative article.
Others defended the piece while criticizing the blog host's own site.
Read his technical excuse for all the errors he made when he posted it , they are laughable.. I told Pontillo to remove it from his site and to never contact me again after he lost his temper and became verbally abusive.
When I read what he was writing about Diane and her sons I emailed him and told him he should be ashamed of himself. I contacted her and got the details of the case straight. Patrick Pontillo did nothing of the sort before he launched his vile online  assaults. 

In 2011 when I last spoke directly to him, he lived in a family trailer in SC. He was unemployed and complained his siblings wanted him out because they planned to sell it and divide the monies. He complained that recent trailer break ins were being blamed on him by neighbors to the police. 
 More recently I read HE had the audacity to label Diane as trailer trash? 

He then began to attack me online writing that I "....begged him to re post my article and that he was the one who told me never to contact him again." He knows he is lying here but pretends to be a good Catholic. His lies and twisting of truth are beyond belief !
Bottom line..........never submit a thing to Mr Pontillo because he will try to make it look as if he did the research
 ( which he is obviously incapable of doing)  then he will re write it in his own serpentine style of creative composition  which no one can follow cohesively.

Pontillo is a gross liar who made it his business to defend a pedophile defrocked priest by attacking his innocent victims incessantly online in a public forum without doing the right thing by contacting them privately and garnering all evidence first.
 Pontillo needs to spend the rest of his life in a Confessional and apologize or just slither off to Chicago which he claims is his next stop, but who knows what hole he really plans on hiding in ?

09-09-16        Printed Below are contributions from readers...

Contributed by Anonymous reader:

Remember Fr Paul Marx exposed the sterilizations and spontaneous miscarriages after those abortifacient laced tetanus shots? 

GENE TRANSFER:Vital Info for everyone who eats

DOING THE LAMBADA How GMO corn can cause Infertility.
Essentially, the antibodies are attracted to surface receptors on the sperm,” said Hein. “They latch on and make each sperm so heavy it cannot move forward. It just shakes about as if it was doing the lambada.” {I guess Mummy hasn't learned the lambada yet}
The corn has been field tested in tests financed by the US Department of Agriculture along with a small California bio-tech company named Epicyte. Announcing his success at a 2001 press conference, the president of Epicyte, Mitch Hein, pointing to his GMO corn plants, announced, “We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.”

Hein explained that they had taken antibodies from women with a rare condition known as immune infertility, isolated the genes that regulated the manufacture of those infertility antibodies, and, using genetic engineering techniques, had inserted the genes into ordinary corn seeds used to produce corn plants. In this manner, in reality they produced a concealed contraceptive embedded in corn meant for human consumption. “Essentially, the antibodies are attracted to surface receptors on the sperm,” said Hein. “They latch on and make each sperm so heavy it cannot move forward. It just shakes about as if it was doing the lambada.” Hein claimed it was a possible solution to world “over-population.” The moral and ethical issues of feeding it to humans in Third World poor countries without their knowing it countries he left out of his remarks.

Spermicides hidden in GMO corn provided to starving Third World populations through the generosity of the Gates’ foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Kofi Annan’s AGRA or vaccines that contain undisclosed sterilization agents are just two documented cases of using vaccines or GMO seeds to “reduce population.”

And the ‘Good Club’
Bill Gates Talks About Vaccines to Reduce World Population
So that is what Sir Bill Gates is up to. another Knight of the NWO
The WHO oversaw massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines. Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic lay organization, became suspicious of the motives behind the WHO program and decided to test numerous vials of the vaccine and found them to contain human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, or hCG. That was a curious component for a vaccine designed to protect people against lock-jaw arising from infection with rusty nail wounds or other contact with certain bacteria found in soil. The tetanus disease was indeed, also rather rare. It was also curious because hCG was a natural hormone needed to maintain a pregnancy. However, when combined with a tetanus toxoid carrier, it stimulated formation of antibodies against hCG, rendering a woman incapable of maintaining a pregnancy, a form of concealed abortion.

Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation

"According to this excellent article, Dr. Stephen Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute,
explains the not so obvious motivation of the club, "It's very clear that the UN population Fund is a cheerleader for the Chinese family planning program, is funding the program, and turns a blind eye to forced abortion and sterilization."

Bill Gates talks about
‘vaccines to reduce population’

By F. William Engdahl, 4 March 2010

The Silent GMO Sterilization of the Human Race, has gone far beyond what I had ever imaged.

The year 2100 will see eugenics universally established. In past ages, the law governing the survival of the fittest roughly weeded out the less desirable strains. Then man’s new sense of pity began to interfere with the ruthless workings of nature. As a result, we continue to keep alive and to breed the unfit. The only method compatible with our notions of civilization and the race is to prevent the breeding of the unfit by sterilization and the deliberate guidance of the mating instinct. Several European countries and a number of states of the American Union sterilize the criminal and the insane. This is not sufficient. The trend of opinion among eugenists is that we must make marriage more difficult. Certainly no one who is not a desirable parent should be permitted to produce progeny. A century from now it will no more occur to a normal person to mate with a person eugenically unfit than to marry a habitual criminal.

Read more:
Give the gift of Smithsonian magazine for only $12!
Follow us: @SmithsonianMag on Twitter

From Anonymous.....

" For your information Mr Pontillo blogger person   , I am another former home schooling mother whose children are grown and I know the woman you call "The Jersey Devil". I  know her because she helped me to have the courage to begin home schooling a long time ago. Catholic home schooling grew to what it is today because she was one of the very first !
She sent me this lady's blog and yours. It is easy for me or anyone with a brain to know who is telling the truth. It isn't you !
How you could say my friend's homeschooling project was a failure puzzles me . That is way off the mark !  
Thanks to her kindly taking the time , hundreds of Catholic parents all over the country took the first step in  the process and began homeschooling using the Seton Home School curriculum.  The woman you call a devil was my first contact .Her name was given to me as a referral contact when I first called Seton ! She was a Catholic Home school Leader in her state.
It was no failure , that's is for sure ! You sir, and your blogging are the obvious failure on the Internet ."

From a reader.......

"Hold on! The alleged blogger and TRUE cyber bully Patrick A Pontillo,  complains he has to "work for a living".

But today, he is furiously attacking Diana Mangum and seems to be camped out on the Internet because she posted the "Integer" information along with video backup on the Eugenicist's plan to use GMO foods as per Epicyte Co, to result in human sterility ?
Something he ignorantly labeled a "boring article" stating the author  should "Get over it?" 
Obviously, Pontillo himself cannot get over the fact that the writer he labels a " a conspiracy theorist" and accordingly, a "devil" and a "hag" in no uncertain terms ,told him to remove her article from his site and NEVER contact her again years ago !
She finally did email him to tell him to stop his online unconscionably public assault on a Grandmother whose grown boys were sexually molested by a pedophile who was a priest at the time.
YOU Get over it Pontillo !

If you are even an iota of the Catholic , as you claim , you are making a mockery of the Faith !
Diane Mangum's blogs were not even appear online until she was told by friends and relatives that you had launched an online public attack on her family and other victims of clerical molestation by the same Pope JP2 defrocked 
pederast that  YOU have made it your mission to defend !"


Below is more information forwarded to me that Pontillo
scoffs at and ridicules a very knowledgeable and credible 
poster.  Pontillo is so uninformed it's pathetic.  This article was sent by an anonymous donor.

Note who formed the company above and then read who Garza is ...'integer" is an advertising company that was alleged to be for the Legion schools yet it became heavily involved with genetically modified seeds and Monsanto.

I looked up Alfonso Romo Garza from the old 'Integer' site and he came up in this  article dirtsecrets below

 ...."Seeds of Destruction" is the book the book William Engdahl wrote and I had been following his articles on the site below for a number of years . I contacted him when I wrote the "Integer" info article and sent it on to him.He responded and said he was sending it to  Irish Missionary priests who had been fighting the spread of GMOs ( I believe in India) As I recall once their crop failed the farmers began committing suicide because they had no money to buy more seeds from Monsanto....sheer evil like the Pharma Companies who monopolize a vertain life saving drug and then raise the prices 300-800%
This was years more below........


Important Information sent to me on Pontillo's lies and 
his extremely "Boring" commentary.  Facts are facts...not opinions.  Learn the difference Pontillo because there is
a big big difference.

This piece below and above is from an anonymous donor. 

Pontillo changes his blog post dates all the time. He learned from me you can use the Wayback Machine to prove your statements. He posts not only lies but nasty innuendos and then goes back and removes the most offensive sentences.
 Di make hard copies of each new post and keep them in a folder.
He was very angry when I told him to remove the "Integer" article blog that I wrote on the Maciel's  Legion and persons in the Vatican who were complicit in the promotion and financial gain from GMOs.

"Integer" was founded by Alfonso Roma Garza ( the seed king who owned the patents on a huge amount of seeds) and Maciel, the perv priest who started the Legion of Christ and Regnum a front to promote GMO seed company Monsanto,
.Pontillo now posts my expose was "boring anyway" and laughably that I begged him to re post it.
Please bore yourself and watch this video above to understand how important this piece was.

Bill Engdahl above in the video, thanked me and promised to send the  "Integer" info to Irish Missionary priests who saw the damage and suicides first hand while ministering to poor farmers in India and Africa.These priests were banned from attending the Vatican's seminars on GMOs in Rome sponsored by the Legion of Christ owned academics there.
Assange later released emails from persons in the US Gov and the Vatican Embassy requesting they promote GMOs.
Bush worked  out the global strategy to promote GMOs throughout the world.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Pontillo, for your eyes only...


Fascinating slug fact
Cluster of tiny slug eggs
Cluster of tinyPontillo you are a "Slug" and you leave a slime trail.  You have called me much worse online repeatedly, so don't get your panties in a wad and start whining about it, ok ladies?
Your blogs are a part of your slime trail.  I just finished reading the lies you just posted about me
and you seem to be getting bolder and mouthier than usual.  Do you think that, because you are trashing my name and reputation in  your posts, you'll SOMEHOW appear more credible, ..believable..trustworthy?

Cipolla, "you owe me a debt of (gratitude) for dropping those charges in 1978."  You had 3 whole years to reflect, turn your life around, and ask God's forgiveness  and conduct yourself as a Priest in good standing.
It was "Your choice" Cipolla.."I" gave you that choice.  "I" dropped those charges, "I" signed those Expungement Papers.  If it weren't for Bishop Leonard's pressure on me, and the threats by the Diocese Attorney,  you'd have gone to jail for years Cipolla, years!!   Got that Pontillo?????????????
BTW Pontillo...that razzmatazz you "thunk up" and posted for September 2016 is such crap.  There wasn't a word of truth in the whole post.  Why don't you just admit the truth...if your readers are true fans,  they'll forgive you for being such a stupid dirt bag, believing anything Cipolla says.

Nothing happened the way Pontillo "swears" the entire " CIPOLLA MASSACREE" went down.
With his " 27- 8 X 10 color-glossy-JPeg  photo's " , with a paragraph and arrows, on the back of each one, explaining what each one be used a evidence against us."    Thanks...Officer Obie, Thanks Alice, Thanks Arlo Guthrie!!!!!

You two are making money off of the lies you post about us.  That is the lowest form of low.  No wonder you both turned into backbone, just a disgusting slime trail.  By the way Slugs, if it weren't for the ridiculous lies you tell, you wouldn't even have readers.  If your readers really knew you, they would be disappointed and angry and disgusted.  You two most assuredly are...a couple of Fork Tongued-Senior-Gas-Bag Slugs.

05-28-16  revived on 07-06-16

"I know it is unlawful for someone to impersonate a Police Officer, or Doctor but it's
perfectly permissible for Cipolla to impersonate a priest in his blacks and collar??"  He does it, all the time.  I deem him just as dangerous as the fake cop or the quack doc with a white coat and an RX pad.  A Priest is a symbol of  Christ on earth and has been historically a trusted and revered member of the community.  Cipolla used that trust to snare children, for sexual abuse.
This priest was so bad, the Pope Himself forcibly Laicized  (Kicked him out of the clergy)
whereupon he was ordered never to wear the wardrobe of a priest or represent himself as a 
priest to anyone.  He was not permitted to say mass or hear confessions....because he was a very poor excuse for a priest, he was Ostracized by The Pope Himself.  No Appeal.
This priest still to this day wears the priests blacks and collar.  He also tutors children.  He's very clever.    
Pedophile priests must be restricted from wearing the Blacks and Collar by Law to preclude a recurrence of their deviate behavior with children.  The very cassocks and collar these pederast priests wear, helps facilitate and mask their immoral behavior. 
It gives them Power and Respect, so they feel entitled, to morally, emotionally and physically rape a child. 

What we see as reprehensible...pedophiles find titillating, that is what actually stimulates them.
It's definitely not God that trips (your trigger,) is it Cipolla?  

Please Cipolla, tell Pontillo the truth, so he will leave us alone.  I can't afford to hire a lawyer to make him stop.  It's all your fault in the first place.  You raped and molested my two sons?
You owe them Cipolla... to stop this abuse now.  You were a full blown adult in 1978.  35 years of age as a matter of fact.  My sons were 12 and 8 when you started molesting them... you (pig)!!
What really makes me sick is hearing that you still tutor children.  Is there no way to stop you??  

How many children do you want to take to hell with you?  Do you have a quota to fill?
If you reach your quota, do you earn a "Get Outta' Hell Free Card??"  Good for weekend visits
to earth, bi-monthly, and conjugal visits with the demon of your choice during (Hell Week)..      


BOY WAS I WRONG....04-19-16     Attention Cipolla/Pontillo

I just read your May 24th 2016 post.  You are so unbelievably weird Pontillo.  
Why do you keep claiming that I completely changed my story?  I've been online with you since May of 2015.  Where did I contradict myself?  It's all there, online, to be scrutinized on yours and my blogs.  My blogs are pretty consistent (boring and truthful)...your blogs are 'not' boring or truthful.
As far as anything The Post Gazette said, the media is known for enhancing a story. *I never walked in on Cipolla molesting my child...that is a LIE.  I never said it nor read it, until your sleazy blog.   You probably made it up with that twisted, dirty mind of yours.  
If that *allegation were true, Cipolla would have scars on him he could never hide, just from (my) reaction.  Back then I could have beat him to a pulp.  
You are the one tossing out lies and innuendos.  You are the one defending a known pedophile.  You
are the one ridiculing  Cardinal Donald Wuerl and our Pope.  You are the one torturing the
victims of Anthony J Cipolla.  You should be filled with have no conscience.  Like any sociopath, you are a living lie.  That is why I'm warning, anyone who reads your stuff about Cipolla or Bendig or Cardinal Wuerl, anyone in my family or the Pope Himself.  Found on the or or or any of Pontillo's blogs...because it's all
just perversions of the truth.  The only truth is the Names, (the facts are changed to protect the guilty.) 
Fact: Cipolla/Pontillo co-author some rancid stuff.

If I have made any mistakes or typos please point them out and I will fix it.             


You have really gotten your blogs to some cases you have dropped us as the focal point
of your accusations.  Thank you sir...if that is what you are doing.  I would love for this to end.  You still have a way to go.


Just an update regarding wuerlgate authors Cipolla/Pontillo.  It takes a pretty lowdown
humanoid to exploit the innocent sons of a young mother of four.  That took trickery, lies,
sneaking like a common thief, promises, threats...all in the cassock and collar of a Catholic Priest...visiting my home dressed as a Blessing, but leaving The Cowardly Monster you are.  God may forgive the sin, but he won't forgive the damage you did and still do.


For Mr Pontillo/Cipolla:  they read my's the only way I have to rebut the lies they post.

Mr Pontillo, why are you doing this?  I'm 70 years old and I suffer from COPD, Arrhythmia, and a host of other ailments.  You say 'you' have health problems.  I've had two emergency heart related admissions, I take coumadin daily and I have sleep apnea and my C-pap machine is beside my bed.
Poor you and Cipolla...I'm sorry you suffer.
Why do you want to make me suffer more?  Oh...I didn't say a word about my two back operations or
mention type #2 diabetes...chronic bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and bilateral tarsal tunnel...and last but not least...PTSD...probably from being married to my first two husbands.  Has anybody ever kicked your front teeth out Mr Pontillo?  It happened to me.  Husband #2.  The Disabled Vet
Have you ever been beaten unconscious with an oak laundry stick?  I have.  Husband #1.
By the grace of God, I met my current husband, he has never raised a hand to me, and we've been together for 33 years...and I know what it is to be really loved.  Husband #3.

There you go Pontillo, my reason for you to cease and desist....if you have any humanity.


Well you haven't stopped your smear campaign so what now you really want me to post more proof???  That you lie to people and make things up so you can make your boring Wuerlgate
blog seem interesting.  You remind me of Gollum..from Lord Of The Rings, Mr Pontillo.  Barely human.  Do you really want me to post the originals of the charges I filed against Cipolla?  I was saving that till later, in case you don't cease and desist.  Stop lying  Pontillo, save your "precious"
credibility because when it's gone it's gone.  When you get labeled a liar, it makes no difference how tall the stack of Bibles you are standing on.

10-13-15                    In answer to a recent Pontillo/Cipolla posting....

I have something  to say about your recent posts, PONCI.....You yourself called Cipolla a molester in your last couple of posts.  I repeat...."Proof-Read-Your-Stuff"  Oh and never use drugs to help inspire you to write.  I'm just warning you...not accusing you.  You provide all the evidence anyone would need to declare you illogical when it comes to Cipolla and Wuerl and us.  The motives, attacks, fantasy tales of things that never happened. "Your Lies"... in order to exonerate Cipolla, the man??? ...who molested 3 children and the Church covered it up, "like it never happened".  The Church couldn't let a measly pervert priest, cast aspersions on The Roman Catholic Church.  Or Its Clergy.
No one would if they had the power or influence to stop it.

I'm sure Cipolla had to eat his share of crow,  but Cipolla is a fighter.  All he has to do is formulate another series of lies, and start a new blog.  It's sad he refuses to use his later years doing good.  
Cipolla got away with what most pedophiles who get caught serve time in jail for. And he's still..not yet satisfied???!!  I can see pure greed manifesting itself next....if it hasn't begun already!?  Are you getting ready to sue again?? If so, you have got some gall.     

What would ever convince you Cipolla, that The Church owes "YOU" anything?   You betrayed
all Catholic and Non Catholic Clergy with your  damning accusations, lies, and bad behaviour! Think of the other men serving the ministry, who had to bare the embarrassment, the looks, the jokes, the paranoia of those who once gave them trust.  Think of the avalanche of money that had to be payed out to victims and liars alike to quash the quake you started with your selfish sexual urges.

Another thing, what has my timing got to do with a package sent to Rome?  You've mentioned it a couple of times PONCI.  I don't follow.  What package did you send to Rome that my timing interrupted, or whatever you imagine happened?  Are you claiming a conspiracy now?

Defaming or stigmatizing your family name was done when you signed your name to the PONCI publicize, in your Blugs.  I know I spelled it blugs.  It's short for ugly blogs.


Stop calling me a liar...  I know you must be enjoying yourself, knowing it's hurting me.  To know so many others are seeing it too, possibly family members, neighbors, Church members, many who weren't aware of 1978, has caused me untold anxiety.  All I ever wanted to do with this blog is stop you Pontillo from telling lies about us and stop accusing us of being liars.  What's true is true and no matter how you twist it Cipolla was guilty and is guilty.  The three young men are still suffering thanks to you and the lies you laid on top, to get Hits on your "writings."      

I've been remarried since 1985...we have an extended family, all with computers...tablets and iphones.    


I have decided to look at Pontillo with a new slant for 2016...............................OK I have friends M and D say "He's probably just a kook"................
I believe they are right in their assumption.  My other friend thinks it's Cipolla masquerading as Pontillo. That sounds feasible, so maybe it's two kooks in one.  Who the heck knows??


Please Stop Cipolla...and Pontillo or Humpty Dumpty or Lucretia MacEvil or whoever is in charge
of the Wuerlgate blog.


You've got to be kidding me Cipolla/Pontillo.  Your claims and blistering accusations about us are
getting old and tired...just like you.  Now that I recognize who you really are, I can see where all of
this is going.  I had an inkling in the beginning that it might be you, but you are a fantastic Liar and a decent writer....when you aren't on a rail...about something or don't happen to like.  I know after all these years of Lying and Excuses, you must have convinced yourself that "You"
were the Victim.
Oh Contraire, you forget, the actual victims are all still alive and remember everything.  Repent Now Cipolla.  Just because you heard your own Confession, does not mean you are absolved.